How do I open an iTunes file in Pitch Switch?

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Question: How do I open an iTunes file in Pitch Switch?

Answer: The easiest way to open a song from iTunes in Pitch Switch is to "drag and drop" the song from iTunes right onto the Pitch Switch window. You'll need to have both iTunes and Pitch Switch open at the same time. Then, just grab music right out of your iTunes playlists and drop it onto Pitch Switch!

A More Complicated Answer: If you don't have iTunes open and you want to open the song files directly, you'll need to locate the folder where iTunes stores your music. By default, iTunes stores your music files in the following location (it depends on the version of Windows you are using):

Windows XP:  C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
Windows Vista:  C:\Users\[username]\Music\iTunes\
Windows 7:  C:\Users\[username]\My Music\iTunes\

Remember to replace [username] with your actual Windows username.

1. Open Pitch Switch
2. Click on the Open icon
3. Navigate to one of the directories above.
4. Select the file you want Pitch Switch to play.

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