Using Pitch Switch is Easy!

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Step 1 - Open a Song

The first step is to open a sound file from your computer. Click the large "Open" button located at the top left of the main application screen.

Step 2 - Choosing a File/Track

The Open File window will appear. Choose the file you wish to play in Pitch Switch.

Step 3 - Playing

Now click the "Play" button on the toolbar to begin playback. You should hear sound from your PC speakers (if not, check that the sound volume in your operating system is turned up and your speakers are turned on). You can Pause or Stop the playback at any time using the "Pause" and "Stop" buttons respectively. By default the song will be played at the original pitch and tempo (speed).

Step 4 - Changing the Pitch/Key

To change the pitch/key of a song, drag the Pitch slider up or down (by default it moves in semitone increments).

Step 5 - Changing the Speed of a Song

To change the speed/tempo of a song, drag the Tempo slider up or down.

Step 6 - Saving from Pitch Switch

If you would like to save the song at the new pitch and/or tempo, click the "Save As..." button. This will allow you to select a new filename for the modified song and let you save it permanently to your hard drive. Saved songs can be burned to CD using your favorite CD burning software.

Step 7 - Seeking

To seek forwards or backwards within a song use the large "Position" slider. You can drag this to any point in the track while playing, stopped or paused.

Step 8 - Looping

To repeat part of a song over and over again, use the "Playback Range" sliders to select the part of the song you wish to repeat, then click the "Loop" button.